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  • Seriously aggressive revenue shares

    Seriously aggressive revenue shares

    We are the proponents of the super size revenue meters and hook you in with some fantastic shares of the pie.

  • Yield-based ad ranking

    Yield-based ad ranking

    Generating the greatest revenue per search query/view is your goal. CPC is not the only factor that results in higher revenue.

  • Easy implementation - XML and JavaScript

    Easy XML implementation

    We allow you to call our API to query ads in XML which can be easily integrated with webpages and mobile applications.


Reach beyond conventional search engine advertising and benefit from a host of new avenues that is constantly emerging in the web world.

Target with three suitable options for PPC advertising - by Keyword, by Category or Run-of-network.

Budget efficiently thru our economical and effective auction model to ensure that even if you bid high, you are priced just right for your campaign. Get your pay per click account started for as little as $25 and start driving quality traffic to your site within minutes.